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Action is a world frozen in time, Jeep, Shooter, Liza and Lupe are reading the planet's last book, dancing its final soft shoe, eating its final turkey, and waiting for their lives to begin.  It is a play deep in metaphor and imagery.  The idea of dystopia or societal collapse is central to the meaning of the story. Underscoring becomes crucial to the telling of the story as there are moments of suspension where the actor / character is forced to scrutinize his or her existence within the context of their disjointed environment.  The idea of alienation from the world is a concept that repeatedly comes up in the play.

My central approach for this play can best described as dark, psychedelic, and somewhat otherworldly.  While the play itself does not reside in any specific time, I felt that the story shared a slight musical root with the surreal / counter culture tones of the 1960’s.  This, in my opinion, taken in context with the costuming choices, worked perfectly.


By: Sam shepard

Directed By: Peter Cirino

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